In the art of war, one must know themselves as well as their enemy. If we deem ourselves the enemy, then we will be divided amongst ourselves and weakened. What unites us is our agenda. Anyone who serves separate agendas are not on the same team. It’s that simple. But if those of you who serve the same agenda don’t have a moral code that facilitates you working together then you’ll eventually have an irreconcilable dispute and have to part ways. Your cultural values handles all those issues for you and is passed from generation to generation. That’s why ancestral culture and spirituality is so important. I’m not talking about the hacked pseudo culture that was planted into our ancestry and passed down to us neither.

Sankofa means to go back and get it.
Knowing the history of your people gives you your sense of identity and it gives you your proper world perspective and it gives you your sense of direction.

Sankofa your ancestral culture and spirituality.

Black African Power!


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