Love & Hate


WHAT YOU LOVE & WHAT YOU HATE are determined according to what your overall goal and agenda is.

Anything that doesn’t support your overall agenda is naturally hated and anything that supports your overall agenda is seen as positive.

When your likes and dislikes, in regard to a particular issue, don’t match someone who’s around you, then that means that they may actually have an ulterior motive and serve a separate agenda than you. Such a person is likely to sabotage you on the way to reach “their” goal.

Fears and desires fit into this equation as well because we fear having to deal with what we hate and we desire the prospect of something we love coming into view.

Analyzing people’s fears and desires can give you a glimpse into what they love and hate as well as a small peak into what their overall goal and agenda really is….

The real power is in being able to influence someone’s likes and dislikes because this is akin to programming a computer with 1’s & 0’s. THIS IS THE BINARY NATURE OF MAN.

We all live according to a program. It’s just that some are programmed to abide by the agenda of our conquerors without even realizing it due to taking on the identity given to our people in the media, our colonial education system, or thru the religion we’ve agreed to live by.



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